Privacy Policy

Protecting and preserving the personal data of users of the electronic services platform is one of our top priorities, and the electronic services platform collects your personal data directly through you or indirectly, the electronic services platform collects this data through the information you provide yourself with the purpose of registering or completing the process in any From the electronic platform services This data includes, for example, personal name, gender, postal address, email, phone number and other data, in addition to information obtained due to your use and browsing of any of the website pages such as your IP address, the operating system used, the type of browser. The internet service provider, the time you spend on each page and the pages you visit, in addition to any other information that you share with the e-services platform.


The electronic services platform may share your personal data with other parties for various purposes, the most important of which is the completion of the process, and as soon as you register in any form of data collection in the electronic services platform, you give the platform permission to do so. Also, the e-services platform is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party that may use your data.


Due to the unique and innovative work style provided by the electronic services platform, it may differ greatly from the rest of its electronic services counterparts, as it operates in a different strategy and several services and technology may overlap or merge with each other, resulting in multiple terms and conditions.