The electronic services platform trains 90 Bahraini cadres

The Electronic Services Platform, a Bahraini technology company that helps local and regional companies with digital transformation, announced the achievement of its training goal for the year 2023 in providing qualitative training to 90 Bahraini cadres of students and recent graduates.
The platform recently held the “Annual Training Meeting” for newly graduated Bahraini youth, and this training included the Business Development Department and the Technology Department.
Imad Al-Asfour, CEO of the platform, said in a statement on this occasion, “We focused on developing the skills of Bahraini youth in the field of technology to empower them in this important industry.”
For his part, Hussein Matar, the group’s business development manager, said, “This training provides a set of challenges in a lively environment, and the focus was on achieving the specific results required, including time management, learning ability, and quality. This environment shapes future leaders.”

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